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You know those people who say you can’t go home again? I’m really hoping they’re wrong. When my mom said she was selling the house and moving to Florida, time stopped. I knew I couldn’t lose that house, that town, that person.So here I am moving into my childhood home with the help of my childhood best friend. He’s definitely not the boy I left on my front porch when I went away for college. It seems that little crush I had might make a reappearance with all the time we are spending together.It feels like everything is changing, and not just with Cole and me but with everything I thought I knew about my life.Hopefully, my old friends and a couple of new ones can help me navigate this adventure we call life with an old flame, a career change, and some new life-altering possibilities.They say you can’t go home again, well, I’m about to find out.

My best friend is getting married. That’s great, right? Yeah, I think so too. No, I do. The problem is, well, my mom has signed up for forever seven times. Yeah, you heard me right- she’s been married seven times. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in happily ever after; I do…just not the way most people see it. For me, it’s a life together. No paper, no dress, no big to-do. Although, I should have thought about all that before I fell in love with the most amazing man, a man who has nothing but wedding bells blaring in his head. He’s a believer in fairytales and happy endings. ALL of them. And somehow, he thinks I am the one that’s going to give him his. Well, let’s hope I can work all my issues out before he decides that this girl isn’t worth the wait. Love is always a risk and marriage seems like the biggest risk of all. But you know what, Chaz just may be the guy that makes the risk worth it.