Finding Home

My best friend is getting married. That’s great, right? Yeah, I think so too. No, I do. The problem is, well, my mom has signed up for forever seven times. Yeah, you heard me right- she’s been married seven times. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in happily ever after; I do…just not the way most people see it. For me, it’s a life together. No paper, no dress, no big to-do. Although, I should have thought about all that before I fell in love with the most amazing man, a man who has nothing but wedding bells blaring in his head. He’s a believer in fairytales and happy endings. ALL of them. And somehow, he thinks I am the one that’s going to give him his. Well, let’s hope I can work all my issues out before he decides that this girl isn’t worth the wait. 

Love is always a risk and marriage seems like the biggest risk of all. But you know what, Chaz just may be the guy that makes the risk worth it.

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