The Journey to Finding Home

Wow. I have two books PUBLISHED. That is something I would never have thought was possible. Storytelling has always come easy to me. If you know me personally, you know I love to tell a good story and want to make it as entertaining as possible. Now, having said that, I never considered writing as a hobby and definitely not as an author (that word still gets me). Reading is what got me into writing. I wish I had enjoyed reading when I was younger. Who knows I might have been writing sooner (and better) than now. Once I started reading, voices began to whisper in my head.

Coming Home started out as a totally different story (I’d tell you what it was supposed to be, but I may just try it again to see what happens) but the characters lead me down a different path, and I was just along for the ride. That’s what happened with Jo, too. She was a quick character meant to help the book progress and wasn’t supposed to be any more than that. But her voice in my head got louder and louder. She demanded that we hear her story and so, I started to write it. Her life developed right before my very eyes. I was as shocked as you to find her mother had been married seven times. I fell in love with her and Chaz and the way they interacted with one another. I may have used some of my own marriage in their relationship, but it most certainly isn’t my everyday reality. I mean, Brian could barely read the nickname ‘kitten’ without choking on the sweetness of it.

I will say this was an incredibly difficult book for me to work on. My dad has been very, very ill and in and out of the hospital for the last 6+ months. My mind wasn’t nearly as focused on my work as I would have liked. I spent countless hours in waiting rooms for surgery, recovery, ICU, rehab…the list goes on and on. I would try and work where and when I could, but when your mind is elsewhere, the luxury of a fantasy world isn’t that important. My edits took longer than I would have wanted and honestly, I don’t feel I did as well as I did with Coming Home, but I needed to do this for me as an outlet and as something positive for me to focus on. I am so glad I stuck with Finding Home, even if it isn’t perfect, it helped keep me sane, and I will forever be grateful to Jo, Chaz and the rest of the Home Series gang for that.

Writing Jo’s story made it clear that Kira needed one as well. They have all become the best of friends, and I just couldn’t leave her without her own happy ending. Plus, she’s gotten to the point where she’s waking me up at night to have me jot down ideas about where her story will go. I will be spending my summer working on her story and trying to make it the best conclusion I can to the Home Series.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. It’s a little bumpy every now and then, but oh so much fun!

Talk soon,


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