Building a Home

Well, it’s that time again…BOOK RELEASE!

While writing Finding Home, I realized that Kira needed her own happily ever after. She started telling me things as I was drifting off to sleep and I’d be forced to grab my phone and make a note of her ideas. I have to be honest, this story was my favorite to write. It might be because I’ve grown as a writer and have a better understanding of the process and what readers are looking for and wanting from, a story. It could also be because this story had all my “friends” getting their stories wrapped up in nice little bows, just the way I like my romance stories to go. Who knows, really. All I do know is Ben and Kira made me happy while writing their story and hope they have the same affect on you when you read it. If you haven’t read the other books in this series yet, that’s okay, they are all standalone books that can be followed without reading the one before, but I’d recommend reading them in order 😉 I’ve already started on my next series and I’m loving it so far! Keep checking back to see what’s new! If you want to order, check the where to buy page at the top.

Happy Reading, friends,


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